Fishing (낚시) at Namhae

Namhae, South KoreaMy father-in-law has his own ways to destress himself from a week full of workloads and hectic schedules. During Sundays, he sometimes go for golf, badminton or engaged himself to an athletic recreational activity just to keep healthy and be able to robust his energy to inverse the signs of aging. For a change, my in-laws decided to try fishing on a random Sunday morning in which my mother-in-law found it fun. In the back of my mind, how boring it would be patiently waiting for a fish get hooked up by your bait. Despite the negativity I had in mind,  a part of me had the snoopiness of engaging a new hobby.

No any prior knowledge of where we’re heading to, I rolled down our car window and just enjoyed the coastal view while allowing the wind to sputter my face. When my Aboenim (father-in-law) spotted a small dock, he maneuvered his car to a narrow alley and parked properly and started our fishing adventure. Namhae, Wahyeon was the location where our fishing activity took place. It is a county in South Gyeongnam Province known for being the world’s largest garlic consumer.

To fully enjoy this activity, one must have the basic tools and equipment for fishing. I searched a blog that states everything you might need for this leisure. Kindly click,



Tiny shrimps are perfect bait for fishes. It gathered them together creating an opportunity for you to hooked some fish. A small box of shrimps would range to ₩ 5,000 – ₩ 10,000 and will depend on the quality.


These are licensed fishing boats anchoring the small pier in Namhae.




My first, second and third attempt were epic failed which dismayed me and decided to take a rest and roam around the place. I took some time to photograph the area while my in-laws were busy starting the activity.

After a couple of shots, my Aboenim called my attention to give it a shot once more and on my 4th pursuit in fishing, I CAUGHT A FISH three times in a row (Wohoo!), how amazing was that? I was about to give up, but I didn’t.


“Try and Try until you succeed”

I am certain that I’ve caught more than ten, not to include the puffer fish in which I was told to disregard because it is considered illegal to consume and cooked unless you’re a licensed chef/cook with the said venomous fish.

I was ecstatic of having my first caught fish. I greatly enjoyed the activity so much and It was the exact opposite on my first impression. I never thought fishing would be so much fun especially when you started hooking some sea creatures already. A perfect timing is needed for you to get one.  This leisure is perfect bonding activity with your family and catching up with you friends. If you enjoy the tranquility and peace of the ocean, I would definitely encourage everyone to at least try this.

“Keep on trying new things and discover more of yourself by engaging into something you’ve never done before. You might find a precious jem hidden in you.”

Tell me your thoughts about fishing and share with me if you have tried it already. I love to hear your stories. 🙂



4 thoughts on “Fishing (낚시) at Namhae

    1. I agree, fishing is not that easy task to do but once you catch a fish, you’ll get motivated to pursue. Try it again next time:-)


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