How I Spent My Christmas

How was your holiday? I hope everyone had a wonderful celebration with your family and friends. 

Gangneung, South KoreaFor my second Christmas abroad, over the last week, I was traveling again with my travel buddy somewhere in South Korea. One of the most anticipated wander-time off with him for the last year’s 2015. A not so traditional way of what I had used to in the Philippines. I was away from my family once again and a sudden felt of grief while drinking my green tea latte. I realized that maybe, more Christmases will be not the same as it was before

Enough with those gloomy moments, apart from the sad distance with my loved ones, I have with me my number one cheerleader, my hubby. He was consoling and telling me good stories and future plans sufficing those absences that I’ve felt. We toured one of the biggest cities in Gangwondo and snapped tons of photos of the places we’ve been to. Gangwondo is bounded on the west of Gyeonggi province and known for its snowy weather. It took us the whole day to reach the place. We rode the train from Busan ⇒ Jeongdongjin station that lasted for 8 HOURS O_o, not to include our trip from Jinju ⇒ Busan. We could actually opt for a minimum hour of travel by riding a bus, but my hubby decided to experience KORAIL (Korean train) together as our means of transportation at least once in our lifetime despite the hustle it brought us.

click to enlarge


  • Gangmun-dong San1 & Anhyeon-dong San1, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do (MAP)

-From Seoul Express Bus Terminal, take bus to Gangneung.
-From Gangneung Intercity Bus Terminal, take bus 202 to Gyeongpodae Beach.
-Walk 212 m straight (©IMAGINEYOURKOREA)

The next morning, we headed straight to Gangneung/강릉. One of the most visited spots in this city is the Gyeongpo beach, nestled on the east coast of the Korean peninsula. White sand beaches with pine trees facing the coastal area. Since it was the day before Christmas, you can see multitudes of lovers spending time together and posing for a couple shots.

Olympic Signage
Tall Pine Trees



Christmas is popular among couples in Korea. Lovers spend quality time with each other. Guys be like handing out flowers for girls and do some activities that couples both enjoy. For singles, they may be out for drinking with their friends all night.

Of course, we took some obligatory couple pose.


Few meters away from the picture I took above is popularly known as “Coffee Road”. Coffee shops are piling up offering a sea shore view while sipping your drinks.



The best way to travel and enjoy the beach is during summer. The winter breeze will surely give you some chills and will scare every nerve of yours. The good thing was, I’ve got high tolerance in coldness and my body kept on adjusting the temperature. I guess I was blessed with a good coping mechanism. My hubby and I both enjoyed and favored winter season among the other three. I love how the wind splashes through my warm frame. To the contrary, my hands are the most fragile part of my body. Extreme coldness makes it numb and sometimes painful. Many Koreans and foreigners cannot appreciate winter, but despite that, I still love the wintry weather.

See you on my next post! 🙂



8 thoughts on “How I Spent My Christmas

  1. It’s brave to start a relationship with someone from a different culture.. I married a Korean and taught in Gwangju at Chonnam National University for 7 years. It was great, but we eneded up back in the USA. How are you liking Korea?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, really? that’s great to hear that another co-blogger like me entered to an interracial marriage. Nice meeting you, by the way. Korea is a great country and I enjoyed every places we’ve been to, however; the culture is quite difficult for me to adopt. What do u think?


  2. I salute you for being so brave. I still can’t imagine how it feels to live far away from the family. I will surely understand it once I’m off to Japan with the hubby. Thanks for sharing! But then again, live life to the fullest! ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. When will you go to Japan?? Live the most out of your life with your family and friends While you still can. Christmas abroad is really sad. I Wish You happiness and have a merry 2016.


  3. Corkscrew Swamp

    Blue Heron walks on Lettuce Lake.
    Lily pads support light birds long enough
    For them to bill crawdads. Appetizing
    Photograph: Squirming crustacean crunched.

    Boards, cleverly cut, fan out around corners
    That bring new cypress vistas into view.
    One tree grows around another, wet but
    Not waterlogged. Raccoon poop, which has

    Red dots throughout, brightens the walk
    As rain clouds defy winter and roll
    Through desolate Florida. Where are all
    These cars going? Immokolee? Must be

    A growing town to support such traffic.
    Back at the swamp a frog succumbs to a
    Banded owl. Anhingas stretch wet wings.
    White flowers waver, waiting to be painted.


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