Chrysanthemum Festival in Jinju

Jinju, South Korea My South Korea travel diaries have a huge backlog from the previous year, although 2015 bids goodbye a couple of weeks ago. Please bear with me and enjoy my wonderful stories.

AAside from the Lantern festival in Jinju, they have another feast celebrated during the fall season each year—Chrysanthemum Festival. Chrysanthemum is shortly called as “mums” or “chrysanths” and in full bloom throughout the autumn. Jinju held the festivity during last week of October to 2nd week of November. Mums have a horticultural myriad of species making it rich in diversity.


  • Mums believed to have healing effects and beneficial to our health.
  • Petals used in meals.  In some Asian cuisines, Chrysanthemum is incorporated for aroma, garnishing, and flavour purposes.

My Eomonim (mother-in-law) promised to take me at Chrysanthemum festival with or without my husband’s company. We both shared the love for flowers for in fact  she’s been a biennial lover for a long time ago.


Flowers has been one of my favorite subjects in an auto focus photography. They are bright and pleasant with the eyes. They always give me a great impression and wonder. God is all powerful indeed for creating awe-inspiring living things such these.


 Frequent of animal structures covered with mums spreading the park. Albeit we chose to visit the park on weekdays, people were crowding the area in which I have to wait when taking a shot on a particular view or site.


A festival won’t be complete without food stalls, bazaars, and entertainers. I love attending Korean festivities because you can have FREE TASTE in different delicacies and snacks and no any hard feelings if you opt not to buy their product, at the same time you can shop for something that’s affordable.

Food Bazaar


The haven of FREE TASTE. haha. You can call me PATAY GUTOM (dead hungry), that would be okay because I’m guilty with that. hahahaha



I would surely love to visit the next time with my hubby (God willing). My mother in law and I finished touring the park, we even bought some food from the food bazaar but didn’t spend longer because we have to head back home and prepare for dinner. I took multitudes of photos and had a great date with Eomonim.

Until my next post!



16 thoughts on “Chrysanthemum Festival in Jinju

    1. I’m glad you love it. I still consider myself as beginner, but I would love to attend sessions to enhance my skills and to be professional in the future. Hehe.

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    2. I hope so. I actually just love to browse photos from other bloggers and histogram photos. They helped me to create and imagine ideas of how photos should be take!


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