Nature Photography

Ican’t exactly remember when did I get to start loving photography, but what clears to me is that I enjoy skimming photos taken by innate photographers. There are a lot of photography techniques I want to ingest and, in fact, I’ve been meaning to enroll myself in a photography session one of these days. Knowing it’s quite of an investment, I tend to watch free lessons from Youtube and read articles from professional photographers. Another thing that helped me to get some ideas is by visualizing snapped uploads from Instagram.

One of the things that’s so positive with photography are, I was able to appreciate everything that surrounds me. It brings you back to those happy times where you took the photos. Those candid and surreal moments still give you some giggles and ear to ear smile. I guess the best thing with this hobby is you’ll give your million thanks to the transcendent God for creating such wonderful things in the place we’re living and it’s all up to us to discover and take care of it.

These are random photos I took few months back in some random places in South Korea. I hope you’ll love the snaps of an aspiring photographer taken by yours truly.









My skill is still at a beginner level, but I am eager to learn more and to be professional someday.

How do you like my photos?? Comment below, I would love to hear you what’s on your mind. 



15 thoughts on “Nature Photography

  1. It doesn’t look amateur to me, but hey, what do I know? 🙂 And should someone tell you that are indeed amateur, then take heart… everyone’s gotta start somewhere, which you already did. I like all of these pictures. What cam are you using? And can you please send over some persimmons? Hahaha kidding!^^

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    1. Thank you Pam such a nice words from you. I’m using Nikon D3300 for my lens Nikor 50mm 1.8 D. Come over here in Korea and I’ll give you tons of persimmons. 🙂


    1. The basic lense of that camera is so so. It doesn’t give you sharper photos, that’s why I bought a lense that has good autofocus program. Hehe


  2. I can truly relate to this. I’ve started venturing myself with photos when I was around 17, now that I am 20 I am still into it only that I haven’t been too consistent with it. Photography, for me, is a stress reliever and it just gives me that positive vibe no matter what I take. And ooh, I love the photos tbh. I also love how you’re really into plants/flowers, ’cause that’s what I really like taking photos of, too.

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    1. I guess we are both sharing a hobby. I agree with you, photography really gets you out of stress. There’s also a sense of accomplishment when you are able to take good snaps. You should continue photography!


  3. Hey Miyang, I’m the same admin from foodaliciousfood. I made a new blog that is more for my personal journeys in life vs. just food. I really wanted to follow you through this new blog as well. Still loving your photography!! Especially all these pictures!! I absolutely love nature and you have captured it beautifully.


    1. Oh, Hello you’re version 2.0 now.hehe. Welcome! Nowadays, I’m very busy with some things to do but I hope to see more of your wonderful stories

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