A Quick Side Trip to Mountain Rabbit Park

Changnyeong, South KoreaBefore the KIMCHI-MAKING event, I had the chance to visit this suburb city in Gyeongnam province, where my hubby’s grandparents are residing. Quietly far from Jinju, that may take a 2-hour car drive depending on how you maneuver the vehicle.

It was Autumn and some crops were ready to be yielded for personal consumption and merchandising purposes. We came to help, but before anything else, my hubby was bragging about her mom’s elementary school teacher and the rabbit hill which was not so far from his grandparents’ house that drawn my curiosity to sojourn the place.

산토끼 노래동산/ The Rabbit Hill Song


  • Gyeongnam Province, Changyeong-gun, Ibangmyeon Ibangro 623
  • MAP 


  • TEL (055-533-1400)
  • FAX (055-533-1401)

Entrance Fee:

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 3.49.33 PM

Business Hours:

  • 09:00am – 06:00pm









Part of what you paid are your personal encounter with these cute bunnies and feeding experience to them.



A mini museum where you can see a fun and interesting facts about bunnies. There are short films viewing inside GOOD FOR KIDS.




click to enlarge the photos

A very fun sliding experience!



If you don’t mind hiking, a sure great view awaits you up way there.
The best way to enjoy South Korea’s tourist spots is by wearing a pair of comfortable shoes!

The tourist spot is basically inspired by the 산토기/Santokki song (Mountain Rabbit) — a popular children’s rhyme in South Korea. The Mountain Rabbit park is just beside the school wherein the former teacher who made up the song used to teach.


 Mountain Bunny was actually written and composed by my mother-in-law’s elementary school teacher, 이일래/ Il Lae Lee. It was so famous that any Korean you might meet and ask to sing the song can literally belt it out.

Santokki Song Elementary School
In remembrance of Il Lae Lee they built a statue of him fronting the school building.

A park which is best enjoyed by kids and most likely those young at hearts!



20 thoughts on “A Quick Side Trip to Mountain Rabbit Park

  1. 안녕하세요! Miyang..it’s me again editha. Please help me where i can find sample letter of invitation and the original guarantee letter the specific format req. By the korean embassy. I reasearch already i can’t find.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. With that, i guess you have to ask the help of your husband. He can navigate the embassy’s homepage through korean and find. He can find in the website’s homepage and see for the requirement lists. 🙂


    1. Hello, Miyang! i just want to ask you about some clarification regarding the req. of the spouse visa. Miyang, about the application form is it necessary to fill.up the form in hand written? what about computerized? who will be the one to fill.up? the wife or the husbnd? or both. And Miyang what is this Korean’s Basic Certificate? this is also one of the req. for spouse visa. Please Miyang let me know about this coz i know you have done all of this..Thank you so much. God bless.


    2. Hi Jenny! I would suggest if it is handwritten. I never heard of someone writing it through computer. I guess the form has to be with your husband since there are questions that are intended for him and for you too. What do u mean by basic certificate? 🙂


    3. Hello! Miyang thank you so much for the reply. The korean basic cert. I found this in the list from korean embassy. But, as i compared your list of the visa req. I didnot found there. So, i really confused now. Should i follow your listing? Thank you so much. God bless.


    4. Hi Jenny. I actually don’t blog about that anymore,but Actually the list will depend and differ in every situation. Some requirements I didn’t pass coz I’m exempted with those. I can recommend that your husband must personally email the embassy and they always respond quickly and answers your confusion. 🙂


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