Busan, South Korea

Are you guys ready for the upcoming year 2017? Many of you perhaps are excited of what this year can offer or bring, right? Some could be anxious because of the future uncertainties. DO NOT be, instead, chillax and switch to positive thinking.


efore anything else, let’s look back and have some quick recap about the series of events during the entire year of my 2016 journey. Like what I wrote in my entry Hello WordPress, I got the chance to celebrate another wedding with my hubby together with our loved one and closest friends. We spent sweet escapes several times within the borders of the Korean peninsula (east, west, north and south), even crossed thousands of miles to travel abroad. Tried and pigged out some new restos and sipped coffees’ and lattes’ with Korea’s cute cafes in town. #itchyfeet #alwayshungry INDEED!

Along with those merry junctures comes with some serious periods. I had to study the Korean language (Hangeul) and in God’s will, I’m on my way to level 3 next year (I can do it to level 5) FIGHTING Miyang! In the class, I met diverse nationalities and built a friendship with them. My ties to Filipinas got stronger too as I hung out with them multiple times (cooking our local food and sometimes had some window shopping ONLY) haha. I also found a part-time job which I really love doing (NO STRESS at all). I guess this is the busiest and yet most productive year I have. I always note to self “responsibility comes firsts” and so I neglected to add entries on my blog. sobs’


Anyhow, let’s move on! As 2016 will fold its pages in a few days from now, I can’t wait to welcome 2017 with a warm smile and a big HELLO. Only God knows what this year has stored in me, but I have so many things in mind and plans that are about to accomplish (cross fingers). How about you? do you have any New Year’s resolution or future projects? I wish that everyone of us will be able to get through the upcoming year.

Before we officially say farewell to this year, here are some of the photos that taken by yours truly with all the quotes and greetings dedicated to my co-bloggers and beloved readers. ❤




You guys deserve a huge Thank you for keeping me writing and giving me the inspiration to pursue my part-time hobby, BLOGGING despite the hectic and restless schedule I have. Please keep on and God bless you all! Smiley - wink emoticonSmiley - laughing eyes


 DISCLAIMER: All icons, GIFS, and quotes used are not mine, credit to the lawful developers. Photos used on this blog are taken by the author. 

CIAO 2016!



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