Roses in Spring

Changwon, South Korea

It was the late month of Spring when I arrived Korea last year. I haven’t witnessed how pretty cherry blossoms were, albeit I witnessed the most favored and acclaimed flower in all season, ROSES.


retty Indeed! Roses are wrapped with multiple petals and come with different colors and because of its overwhelming popularity, every rose colours signifies a meaning. These perennial blossoms from mid-spring to fall which likely they are on and off throughout the season. In Korea, there are several gardens around the country that offer some great collections of roses. Since I live inside the Gyeongnam province, the closest city that offers multitudes of roses in various colors snuggled inside in Changwon or known for its city’s slogan, “Young City Changwon”.



  • Gyeongnam, Changwonsi Seongsangu Gaeumdong 31/경상남도 창원시 성산구 가음동 31
  • MAP 



  • Everyday 9:00 am – 10:oo pm (May to November)
  • Everyday 9:00 am – 8:oo pm (December to April)







I pretty enjoyed smelling its scent and of course taking snaps of these roses. They added beauty and bunch of memories in my gallery.  The park was not that huge, but probably enough to have some spontaneous date with your significant other and chitchats or picnic with your family and friends.If you love these flowers leave a comment below and share it with your friends.

A Rose is a Rose

A rose is a rose,
No matter where it grows.
Some saw thorns,
Beauty some chose.
Criticized by some,
Valued by loads;
People’s opinions,
You can’t change them by force.
Perfection is desired,
Even if it’s freestyle prose!
Our lives might be cumbersome,
Let’s accept the challenges they pose;
There’s a bit of stardust in us all,
No matter hellish situations might come how close,
because, a rose is a rose.




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