Chezruru (Ruru’s Home)

Changwon, South Korea

When we talk about cute and themed cafes’ in the world first thing that pops out in our brain is, Japan (they’re undeniably cute and dainty), but South Korea proves that they’ve got that unique and cuteness of style too.


 n route to Masan, Changwon for my driving written exam which is held only during Saturday once in a month. I was feeling jittery knowing that I haven’t given my best effort to review for my examination. A failure could mean another payment and an agony of studying (I hate flipping page of my reviewer)😟 and to wait again for next month’s retake. My husband had something stored in mind, he told me that If I ever pass the examination, he would take me somewhere I like the most. After a couple of hours, I had the result and it says “합격/pass”. It’s a huge relief, though.  I can finally enroll myself in a driving academy.

Right after that, we moved towards the place and he took me to a concept cafe where we had our congratulatory brunch meal. 🎊 🎉

Chezruru (쉐루루 루루집) 


  • Gyeongnam Changwonsi Masan Hoewongu Bukseongro 110/경남 창원시 마산회원구 북성로 110
  • MAP

Business Hours:

  • Monday – Sunday (11:00AM – 10:00PM)


  • Call 055-223-7511




The interior inside is pretty chic and it has an artsy vibe that would definitely melt every girl’s heart. This cafe is actually inspired from a french tracery considering that the owner of this space actually lived in France for  10 years and when she decided to settled back home, she thought of bringing the french culture cuisine and its ambient in her mother country.



I heard from my hubby that they offer art class too, well I don’t exactly know what are those, but you can connect with them in the phone number written above.




Photos of dishes that we consumed were not taken because we wanted to eat the food while it’s hot. You can visit their official Facebook page by clicking . If you find this cafe cute like I did, please comment below and let me here your thoughts, I’m all ears. If you happen to visit South Korea, don’t miss this place. You’ll surely love it!

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