A Sunflower day

Haman, South Korea

South Korean summer offers a great fun of activities including numerous flower festivals entire nation. As a  wanderer myself, I get to take advantage of Instagram as my medium to radar upcoming festivals of my neighboring cities.


pon scrolling my search page, multitudes of sunflower photos kept appearing in my timeline, that’s when I found out about this Sunflower festival in Gyeongnam, Haman. Without any single doubt, I went there after some days of research.



  • Beopsu-myeon, Gangjumaeul, Haman, GyeongsangNamdo/ 법수면, 강주마을,함안 경상남도
  • MAP

Admission Fee:

  • 3,000 won






This humble town has some murals painted around the neighborhood
















By all means, I should take a selfie!



From professional to amateur photographers, couples, tourists from different cities and locals swarmed en masse just to see thousands of sunflowers sprouting in this outskirt town of Haman. Alongside with the great view are various of activities where you can join with.

The festival is open every summer and could last for a month. Last year, it started from 7th of July to 7th of August. There has been no official announcement of when they’re going to open again this year. Let’s wait and I’ll keep you posted! 😊


Sunshine Delights

Standing tall against the sky,
Magic treasure to my eye…
Bowing slightly in the breeze-
Lighting up as golden seas…Warm and balmy in the sun,
Beams of sunshine on the run!
Petals bright as deepest yellow-
Blazing sunlight, making mellow-Sunny flowers bright and free,
Van Gogh thought the world of thee-
Painted flowers in a vase,
Or in meadows, with the grass…

On his canvas he laid bare
All the beauty you held there-
Sunshine in a blaze of paint,
Painted free without restraint…

Oh, what joy the sunshine brings,
Lighting up so many things!
Such happy, sunny days are mine-
Nature’s beauty, so sublime!


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