How to Obtain a Korean Driver’s License

Sacheon, South Korea

Do you want to drive legally in South Korea?. Well, my experience might help you to pass the three different examinations that South Korean government has prepared for foreign aspiring drivers.

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Easy Steps:

  1. Complete your requirements
  2. Health Check
  3. Pay for the said amount at the counter
  4. Attend the Safety Education for about an hour
  5. After the education program, let them stamped your paper
  6. Go back to the counter and they’ll have it checked
  7. You can proceed to the computer testing center and let an employee give you the seat number
  8. Take the exam (Good luck!)

For the written examination, you can visit your local KoRoad offices and purchase your own reviewer. The handouts are in different languages such as Korean, English, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Chinese, Japanese and etc. It contained 700 questions with answers. I had mine from my friend who passed the examination few months ahead of me. She got her reviewer free from Damunhwa (다문화) because she luckily attended the programs offered by the center. The exam consists of 40 items and some needed 2 answers per question.


After passing the written exam, they will stamp your paper 합격/passed. The paper you have is valid for one year and within that period you can choose to enroll any authorized academy near you or have a break for awhile. As for me, I enrolled myself straightaway and learned the basics in driving. The academy price actually depends on what city you’re living, but to give you an idea, it will cost you more or less 600,000 won. Some other extra fees such as your exam and insurance will be incurred later.

The two remaining exams are conducted by the academy you enrolled. What are the inclusions of your payment:

1. 4 hours education about driving (watching and listening videos)
2. 4 hours of practical driving around the academy and getting to know the functions of the car 

  • If you pass the exam you can continue at #3
  • If not, another payment for your exam and practical driving practice.

3. 6 hours of practical driving on the road (4 courses you have to familiarize and the instructor or the computer will randomly pick which course you’re going to take)

  • If you pass, you can apply for your license at any local KoRoad offices (As for me, the academy was the one who processed everything and I got my license the day after I passed the exam).
  • If not, another payment for your exam and practical driving practice.

4. Examination fees (you can pay during the day of your exam)

5. Insurance 




For more information and recent updates kindly click KoRoad.

I urge you to watch these videos again and again. It was a huge help while I was taking my second exam.

I thanked God that I passed my examination consecutively and we don’t need to spend more bucks. I spent a month or less to acquire my Korean driver’s license and it has been almost three months since I’ve been driving myself from home to work or school.

If you have questions or clarifications that are not stated from the above information, comment below and I’ll try to answer you with my very best knowledge. Plus, do take note that most of the things written were based on my personal experience.

Disclaimer: Graphics, videos and driver’s license photo are not mine, full credits to the lawful owner.



6 thoughts on “How to Obtain a Korean Driver’s License

    1. Welcome~Sure thing!You can do it! I’m not either good at Korean yet but if you practice then you’ll surely get a license pretty soon!

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  1. hi~ nice to meet you~ anyway, I am worried about you. because your personal information is in the photograph of this article.The date of birth and license number on the license can be used for crime.You have to hide them. Also, do not show it to others. Do you understand? Anyway your post is useful ~ Thank you

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