A Letter to Mother Earth

Namhae, South Korea

This is a short letter to extend my utmost gratitude and to give honor to our benevolent Mother Earth.



Dear Mother Earth,

I write to you with a gleeful heart for never failing us humans. You have been our witnessed from the day we first opened our eyes till’ the day we rest upon your ground. You let us consumed what you have to keep us brisk from our day to day lives. Despite the generosity you bestowed us, we humans continue to exploit your resources not knowing the cause and harm that it brought you. We’re oblivious not to realize such things and forgive us for that.

As a promise, I will take part any activity that will contribute to your healing. I will be responsible in my own ways and help create awareness for those people whose struggling to realize your worth. Please continue to root for us!

Thank you for your love and generosity!

Miyang 💕



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