As Far as my Feet Take me

Jeju Island, South Korea

In this day and age, many people have found interest in traveling. Crossing another border has become as easy as a piece of cake. Countries around the world have been attracting foreigners to visit them by cutting restrictions and relaxing some of their policies.


For me, wanderlust is something that my spirit cries out for. It is my escape to reality and the remedy of enervation. Do you feel the same way? In this world, nothing is absolute, but at least in between of travels we’re liberated from all the responsibilities. With that same moment, you’ll enjoy the different beauty of every city, the symmetry of nature and you’ll appreciate the diversity of culture. It humbles me, in the same way, it explains that in this world all things coexist for a reason.


7 thoughts on “As Far as my Feet Take me

  1. The problem here is that the distances are so vast that it takes a long time to get anywhere. Less than one third of South Australia is good productive land the rest is mainly desert and saltbush. Up here there is not a lot except saltbush. I envy you and your beautiful Blossom festivals.

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    1. It’s because Australia is such a big continent. Korea is not that big where you can travel the country by car. 😊


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