To My BLOGBehind this virtual diary is an author named Miyang, in Chinese means, ” bright & beautiful as the sun”— an aspiring blogger from Davao, but currently based now in South Korea. An alumna of Ateneo de Davao University with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Management. A consistent achiever that wishes to sharpen her mind by learning another language (Hangeul) and taking courses to reckon her curiosity in acquiring new things.

Miyang’s virtual journal  is not a sponsored blog thus making all the content unbiased and honestly written.

미양 경험담이 담긴 블로그에 오신걸 환영합니다. 블로그 주인은 미양(밝을 미, 볕 양)입니다. 아테네오 경영학과를 졸업한 다바오에 거주하고 있는 블로거입니다. 일관된 목표를 가진 그녀는 다른 언어 그리고 배움을 통해 호기심을 풀고 새로운 것들을 얻는 것에  대한 뚜렷한 목표의식이 있습니다.

미양의 개인적 다이어리는 스폰서를 통한 블로그가 아니어서 모든 컨텐츠들은 선입견 없고 정직하게 쓰여졌습니다.

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This Blog is all about 

her personal privy dining experiences and travel odysseys across the globe and her “second home”, South Korea. Expect random write-ups in Lifestyle and anything under the sun. She’ll be sharing with you later some food recipes by invading the world of culinary in a home-cooked and healthy way. Connect with her by the means of visualizing her photographs taken by the author itself.

Join and be part of Miyang’s tale of discoveries ♥


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  1. Hy my cousin 🙂 I just read your description ,,about me” and i feel overwhelming that I am your inspiration. I felt so honored when I read this line 🙂 Thank you

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    1. haha, thanks for the inspiration. You deserved to because looking at your blog is beyond from what I have. I hope you’ll be recognized as you love your passion in blogging so much. As i promote my blog, I’ll be promoting yours too and I am quite sure once they read your blogs, they will visit you as often! keep being an inspiration to someone~^^


    1. Me too! Nakakainggit, but it’s the healthy kind of envy. But I love how you showed both sides of the coin in moving to Korea. I’m really excited to read more of your entries! 🙂


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