My Cup of Tea

Jinju, South Korea

It IS Easy Being Green, I have no further objection to this statement. As a matter of fact, I guess, GREEN is the new pink, don’t you think?. I love color green in all forms by reason it’s the color of nature and it exemplifies good health.

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My ADOBOlicious Recipe

Sacheon, South Korea

I’ve been meaning to share with you a recipe I learned from reading the internet. This is my husband’s favorite Filipino dish and often times, he asked me to cook it for him whenever he misses it. Continue reading “My ADOBOlicious Recipe”

Chezruru (Ruru’s Home)

Changwon, South Korea

When we talk about cute and themed cafes’ in the world first thing that pops out in our brain is, Japan (they’re undeniably cute and dainty), but South Korea proves that they’ve got that unique and cuteness of style too.

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My Kimjang Story

Changnyeong, South KoreaKimjang (김장) is a traditional activity where pickled vegetables such as napa cabbage, radish, perilla leaves and etcetera are being preserved during the winter season. Kimjang usually take place during late November to December. Continue reading “My Kimjang Story”

Jinju Naengmyeon

Jinju, South KoreaApologies for the delayed post guys. I was, in fact, bedridden for days for some reason and couldn’t move well my body. Continue reading “Jinju Naengmyeon”