A Letter to Mother Earth

Namhae, South Korea

This is a short letter to extend my utmost gratitude and to give honor to our benevolent Mother Earth. Continue reading “A Letter to Mother Earth”


Nature’s Surprise

Namhae, South Korea

Nature has its own way to surprise people and that could be in a pleasant neither in a repulsive way.  As a frequent traveler myself, I go where the flowers bloom.
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Feeling Secured

Seoul, South Korea

Does it ring a bell the Hierarchy of needs by Abraham Maslow? One of the things I learned from my psychology 101 back in college was this popular theory of human motivation. We all people have this basic need of safety which is synonymous to SECURITY (our topic for this weekly photo challenge).
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How to Obtain a Korean Driver’s License

Sacheon, South Korea

Do you want to drive legally in South Korea?. Well, my experience might help you to pass the three different examinations that South Korean government has prepared for foreign aspiring drivers. Continue reading “How to Obtain a Korean Driver’s License”

Gleaming Lights

Jinju, South Korea

A colossal lantern fiesta awaits you from the southern part of South Korea. It was my first time to attend this festival and it seemingly defines this week’s photo challenge, DENSEContinue reading “Gleaming Lights”