GOeje Island and its Windy Hill

Goeje Island, South Korea

Traveling with hubby has been part of our leisure pursuit. Visiting other cities in South Korea could be as easy as a piece of cake if one has its driver’s license. Most roads are well-built and maintained highly by its government and still, the process of construction for more shortcuts and accessibility are ongoing in some areas.  Continue reading “GOeje Island and its Windy Hill”


Roses in Spring

Changwon, South Korea

It was the late month of Spring when I arrived Korea last year. I haven’t witnessed how pretty cherry blossoms were, albeit I witnessed the most favored and acclaimed flower in all season, ROSES.

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Busan, South Korea

Are you guys ready for the upcoming year 2017? Many of you perhaps are excited of what this year can offer or bring, right? Some could be anxious because of the future uncertainties. DO NOT be, instead, chillax and switch to positive thinking.
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Hello Wordpress!

Jinju, South Korea

Hello~ Bloggers and beloved readers!  You’ve been keeping up and pursuing your passion and hobby as a blogger. To my readers, I apologize for not answering your queries since Miyang got caught up with the busy world. How’s everything?? Continue reading “Hello WordPress!”