Chezruru (Ruru’s Home)

Changwon, South Korea

When we talk about cute and themed cafes’ in the world first thing that pops out in our brain is, Japan (they’re undeniably cute and dainty), but South Korea proves that they’ve got that unique and cuteness of style too.

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Roses in Spring

Changwon, South Korea

It was the late month of Spring when I arrived Korea last year. I haven’t witnessed how pretty cherry blossoms were, albeit I witnessed the most favored and acclaimed flower in all season, ROSES.

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Chrysanthemum Festival in Jinju

Jinju, South Korea My South Korea travel diaries have a huge backlog from the previous year, although 2015 bids goodbye a couple of weeks ago. Please bear with me and enjoy my wonderful stories.

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Fishing (낚시) at Namhae

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A Quick Tour to Gamcheon Cultural Village

Busan, South KoreaA two-hour drive away from my home, Jinju, is the place popularly marked as “Dynamic Busan” by the South Korean government. The second largest city after Seoul and received millions of tourists annually because of its marvelous mountain view, temples, and beaches. Continue reading “A Quick Tour to Gamcheon Cultural Village”