How I Wish

Jeju, South Korea

Settling in South Korea is not what you think it is. Well, I must say many folks out there would love to explore this fascinating country, but behind that excitement and curiosity of others— is a reality that many of Koreans and some other people like me are facing. “The Struggle is Real”, a phrase that wholly construes my definition of living these days. I won’t be detailing every bit of it, but to give you an idea, I feel restless these days and I have left with one option, but to face hurdles. Per contra, I am still positive because like what they said, nothing is temporary and so my dilemmas. 😄

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Jeju’s Swiss Village

Jeju Island, South Korea

The biggest and yet the most touristy Island of the Korean peninsula wandered once more by yours truly. YIPEE!  Continue reading “Jeju’s Swiss Village”