Chrysanthemum Festival in Jinju

Jinju, South Korea My South Korea travel diaries have a huge backlog from the previous year, although 2015 bids goodbye a couple of weeks ago. Please bear with me and enjoy my wonderful stories.

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Jinju National Museum

Jinju, South Korea October of 2015 when the sun was up and bright, but autumn is just around the corner. A perfect weather to roam around Jinju and discover something within this charming city of South. We were predestined to visit Jinju Fortress that day and knowingly that Jinju Museum was just located inside the castle, we opted to give ourselves some slight insight about the remnants of Imjin war.

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Jinju Fortress – One of the Greatest Battles

Jinju, South Korea is one of the cities dotting the South Gyeongnam province with a two hours drive away from Busan and as of now, my current residence.

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