A Letter to Mother Earth

Namhae, South Korea

This is a short letter to extend my utmost gratitude and to give honor to our benevolent Mother Earth. Continue reading “A Letter to Mother Earth”


Nature’s Surprise

Namhae, South Korea

Nature has its own way to surprise people and that could be in a pleasant neither in a repulsive way.  As a frequent traveler myself, I go where the flowers bloom.
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GOeje Island and its Windy Hill

Goeje Island, South Korea

Traveling with hubby has been part of our leisure pursuit. Visiting other cities in South Korea could be as easy as a piece of cake if one has its driver’s license. Most roads are well-built and maintained highly by its government and still, the process of construction for more shortcuts and accessibility are ongoing in some areas.  Continue reading “GOeje Island and its Windy Hill”

Nature Photography

Ican’t exactly remember when did I get to start loving photography, but what clears to me is that I enjoy skimming photos taken by innate photographers. Continue reading “Nature Photography”

Chrysanthemum Festival in Jinju

Jinju, South Korea My South Korea travel diaries have a huge backlog from the previous year, although 2015 bids goodbye a couple of weeks ago. Please bear with me and enjoy my wonderful stories.

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