Feeling Secured

Seoul, South Korea

Does it ring a bell the Hierarchy of needs by Abraham Maslow? One of the things I learned from my psychology 101 back in college was this popular theory of human motivation. We all people have this basic need of safety which is synonymous to SECURITY (our topic for this weekly photo challenge).
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Experiencing Seoul’s Best Night View

Seoul, South Korea

A traveler who visited Seoul or for those who still plan to wander around probably part of their bucket lists is the N Seoul Tower (correct me if I’m wrong).

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Finding Ihwa Mural Village

Seoul, South Korea

TRAVEL TIME!  I’m very excited to write and share my short visit to Ihwa Mural Village. I actually jaunted this neighborhood a year ago with my hubby. We woke super early to avoid hordes of tourists. Unexpectedly, when we got there, we saw several sightseers wandering the area ALREADY, Oh no~ o_O.   Continue reading “Finding Ihwa Mural Village”

Embracing My Second Home – South Korea

Seoul, South KoreaMy Philippine diaries are full of unforgettable and beautiful memories but as of now, I am officially closing it, but another book full of travels, discoveries, and insights is about to open. Continue reading “Embracing My Second Home – South Korea”