Be cautious!

San Antonio, Macao

A city where old china and its new civilization fused in one era. Despite having a not so big landscape, Macau competes with other Asian nations to be one of the most visited cities. Continue reading “Be cautious!”


As Far as my Feet Take me

Jeju Island, South Korea

In this day and age, many people have found interest in traveling. Crossing another border has become as easy as a piece of cake. Countries around the world have been attracting foreigners to visit them by cutting restrictions and relaxing some of their policies.

Continue reading “As Far as my Feet Take me”

Skyscraping at Hongkong

Victoria, Hong Kong

For my entry for this week’s photo challenge ATOPtake a look at the photo below. The first thing I thought about was the snap I took when I was in Hong Kong last year with my husband.  Continue reading “Skyscraping at Hongkong”

Jeju’s Swiss Village

Jeju Island, South Korea

The biggest and yet the most touristy Island of the Korean peninsula wandered once more by yours truly. YIPEE!  Continue reading “Jeju’s Swiss Village”

GOeje Island and its Windy Hill

Goeje Island, South Korea

Traveling with hubby has been part of our leisure pursuit. Visiting other cities in South Korea could be as easy as a piece of cake if one has its driver’s license. Most roads are well-built and maintained highly by its government and still, the process of construction for more shortcuts and accessibility are ongoing in some areas.  Continue reading “GOeje Island and its Windy Hill”